The reason why most people can not afford to buy real state is due to lack of fund. But if you fully analyze the situation, there is no such thing as lacking or no funds. There are always funds, you just don’t know where and how to get them. If you want to do well in real estate investing or if you want to make good profit out of it, you need to be very creative and crafty enough about differentmeansand ways to get you hands to the much sought after initialdown payment.

HELOC is one of the best ways to get your hands to extra funds to be used in your down payment. You can look around for ads or ever the internet about different companies that offer low HELOC interest rates. Jut like any other type of thing, canvassing for thelowest price possible can help you get the lowest and best rate that can gift your budget.

Analyze your income. Think of yourmonthlypay check, think of your expenses, think of your saving, you can even think about the possibility of getting a better realtor rebate to help you make both ends meet when trying to pay your property’s mortgage. As much aspossible, be realistic in your estimates. There is no point in pretending that you canafforda big house in a high endarea when the truth of the matter is you are already struggling in pulling funds for downpayment. It may not be agoodidea to think of accidentsand emergencies but include them in your estimates. Some financialadvisors suggest preparing 8 monthsworth of expenses. If you have all these things in hand, you can start using your otherfunds for other thingssuch as investing in real estate and the like.

Thesedays, repeat home buyers are offered biggerand better realtor rebates. This strategy entices them to buysome more. It is a win-win situation anyway as all parties get the best of dealout of the transaction. The buyers gets the house at a good price, theseller gets todispose the property at a good price not to mention speedy transaction and yourrealtor gets his or her job done thus they get paid. Most realty offer rebate in form of cash but thereare those that offer gadgets and giftcertificates as well.